I love dessert. I mean I really love dessert. I love to make it, eat it and I even love to just look at it. Funny thing though…I married a man who DOESN’T eat dessert! I mean he literally doesn’t eat it! What is that? To me, the perfect end to an amazing meal is of course dessert…for him it is a nap. :( And so the only time I eat with other dessert fanatics is on Sundays when we go to my parent’s house for Sunday dinner. Since my mother cooks the meal, I decide my contribution would be dessert. I also decided I would experiment with some new recipe each Sunday…and thus this site was born. Since I’m not a professional I thought if I put my recipes out into cyberspace maybe I’ll get suggestions for people who actually know what they are doing. So, please if you have suggestions visit my suggestions page.

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